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Shade Tree Funding offers alternative business loans  (unsecured loans) of between $2,000 and $1,000,000 to small businesses. Unlike traditional lending that requires collateral to obtain financing, an unsecured loan — also known as a merchant loan — uses other factors to judge a loan application. All that is needed to apply for easy business loans with Shade Tree is:

*3 months merchant account statements
*3 months bank statements

*minimum Application

Shade Tree Funding has a simplified lending process and a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. The company also offers some of the most competitive short-term loan options available today.

To qualify, you only need to share some information about you and your business. Some of the questions that you should expect to answer include:
• When did you start your business?
• What industry are you in?
• How much revenue did the business generate last year?

‘Would you just like a real person to answer your questions with no pressure, and then make it super easy to get the money to grow your business? Either fill out the contact form to the right, or CALL 952-994-3801 and I will do that for you:)’

Jimmy Corder,

Shade Tree Funding

Shade Tree also offers a merchant cash advance program best-suited for businesses that may not want, or cannot qualify for other loans. The funds can be used to expand, renovate or reduce debt.

We have a simple and short application process. Once you contact us, you only need to provide some basic information about your business. The approval process takes about 24 hours and funds are made available within just three days.

We work with all kinds of businesses. Unlike other lenders, you may qualify for a prepayment discount.  Our alternative business loans programs are the easiest loan for a business with less than perfect credit.

Contact us today for business loan help and just answer a few short questions and get started:)

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